Truck Shine Melbourne has both the people power and facilities to achieve their goal of delivering a quality product to their customers as quick as possible. Whether is a dent, scratch, accident, rust repair, colour change, rebranding or restoration, Truck Shine has got you covered. Simply come visit with your vehicle and get your claim process or free quote underway immediately.


At Truck Shine Melbourne we understand that earthmoving equipment is a significant capital investment to our clients. Our customers can maintain the highest level of appearance with our quality repairs and refinishing. We pride ourselves on delivering the same quality repair to your machinery as we would to a car, bus or truck meaning that quality is not compromised.


In 2012 Truck Shine opened a dedicated premises to repair light vehicles. We have done this so we can deliver our quality to our customers no matter what type vehicle is in need of our services. the shop is fitted out with the latest technology, tools and paint systems to ensure you receive the best possible repair or your vehicle.

Contact Information

Truck Shine Melbourne
12 Killara Road
Campbellfield VIC 3061

03 9357 5111 9357 5119 [email protected]